The Hunting Party – Lucy Foley

The Hunting Party tells the story of a group of friends who’ve come together in a remote part of Scotland for a few nights to celebrate NYE. Told from multiple perspectives with a time-lapse, the story of a missing party member unravels.

I found there was plenty to keep me interested: lots of secrets, the unique setting and the fact the missing person’s identity is kept a secret for the most part. However, the characters on the whole were unlikable, selfish with few redeeming features between them. Normally I do love to hate characters like this but in this case I found it hard to care who had gone missing or why. I think perhaps, for me, there was a little too much backstory at times pulling me out of the tension.

Overall, it’s a decent read that’s been well thrashes out but perhaps lacking a little in pace compared to similar books.

Trigger warning (the clue is in the title): Graphic scene depicting the killing of a deer.

Genre: Thriller

Rating: 3.5*

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