The School of Starting Over – Lisa Swift

The School of Starting over was my first Lisa Swift book and I absolutely fell in love with it. It’s a feel-good book, which indulges you in all the wholesome warm and cosies you could want from a romance. The characters are a lively, eclectic bunch and there is plenty of humour from main and supporting cast members. I was invested in their stories and really rooted for them,especially since some of the issues they face are much deeper than expected.

I have to give a special mention to Xander who is the perfect, unassuming hero (ahhh, hearty-eyes).

The plot had me hooked; there was drama, secrets and a little bit of mystery throughout!

Once thing I loved was how deep the author dug for a popular reference that was probably less mainstream than most – I had a few ‘oh my god I remember that’ moments!

All in all there was nothing to dislike about this book (other than having to put it down at the end). If heartwarming, contemporary romance with laughs and feels is your thing; it’s a must-read!

Genre: Contemporary romance / Romantic comedy

Rating: 5/5

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