Blood Orange – Harriet Tyce

Blood Orange is a domestic thriller with all the intrigue, build-up and twists you’d expect from this type of book. The novel is well written and plausible with plenty to get your teeth stuck into and have you turning the pages, especially towards the end where the pace picks up. There is a fair amount of legal detail in the book (which I assume is accurate given the writer’s background) and at times it did feel a little sluggish reading through these parts but they did give the storyline credibility. I imagine this could be a huge draw to many readers.

The stickers on the cover compare the book to The Girl on The Train and Apple Tree Yard which are fair except I didn’t find it quite as pacy as THOTT but it does have you flying through the pages towards the end.

Parts of the novel were quite uncomfortable and the characters not very likeable as you would expect. This along with the nuanced detail created a subtle yet dark atmosphere.

Blood Orange is a neat book that ties up the loose ends perfectly. Whilst you might see the twists coming, it is a good read that’s bound to have you turning the pages.

Genre: Domestic thriller

Rating: 3.5/5⭐️

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