The Power – Naomi Alderman

The Power explores a world where the common patriarchy is overthrown within a decade when women evolve and develop an electrifying superpower. Thus we have a matriarchal culture.

Initially, ‘the power’ brings protection to women in volatile situations but as more and more women develop it, the collective women seek dominance and control.

The concept is intriguing and raises many questions about society, dominance and power and Alderman proves a clever, well-researched and knowledgeable author.

I didn’t necessarily ‘enjoy’ the book. Parts were uncomfortable to read and whilst the early and late chapters are fairly gripping, the middle was a bit of a slog with lots of ‘telling’ rather than ‘showing’ I also thought the ending was a little rushed. The emails back and forth at the start and end of the book added an interesting dimension but because the MS was presented almost as historical ‘fact’ it did sometimes read a little like an essay.

All in all this book is well written and interesting and it’s the sort of book that will be an instant classic. It would be great to study or discuss in a book club setting but for me it wasn’t a story to talk about rather than to get lost in.

Genre: science fiction / dystopian fiction

Rating: 3.5

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